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spend $120 or more this May and receive

a free holy sage aura spray

Youthful, luminous skin using potent anti-oxidants

A hydrating TINTED SPF30 for complete sun protection and effortless glow. You’ll want to wear it every day.

Simplicity in skin health. Pair Back your routine and glow

Our skin already has a natural ability to heal itself.

At Frii[s]mith, we’re here to support that. Our range of gentle, scientifically formulated products nourishes your skin without disrupting its natural rhythm. The result is hydrated, luminous and resilient skin. We call it bare skin confidence.

"My skin has just felt amazing since using the frii[s]mith skincare range"

Chealsea Armsfeild

"In my busy busy life I am able still have beautiful and radiant skin"

Maureen Laverty

"I also find that I use LESS product because of how effective it is!"

Tarryn Pinchen

Nourishment for your skin

Our Purpose

Dive into FRII[S]MITH’s approach to transformative skincare. Our philosophy intertwines skin nourishment with resilience, fostering a journey of self-love and vibrant health.

It’s more than skincare—it’s your skin’s daily dose of wellness.

About Us

Our Values

Australian Made

Proudly Australian, Friismith skincare is developed and made here but also stands proud as a testament to Australian ownership and craftsmanship.

Not tested on animals

Compassionately crafted without animal testing, for beauty that's as ethical as it is effective.

Recyclable packaging

Join us on our journey with TerraCycle to ensure your skincare's packaging lives on, transforming beauty into a cycle of renewal.

Sulphate & Paraben free

Free from sulfates and parabens, ensuring your skin receives the kindest care.


Our Insights

Each post is a journey into the heart of skincare. Discover secrets for radiant skin, learn about the power of natural ingredients, and get inspired by innovative beauty trends. Our blog is more than just skincare advice; it's a celebration of beauty, wellness, and the art of self-care. Join us for enlightening reads that will transform your skincare routine and elevate your understanding of what it truly means to nurture your skin.

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