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Article: Why Calcite Crystal?

Why Calcite Crystal?


In previous blogs I have talked about functional skin care and my belief that simple, effective skin care can be achieved through integrating medical and alternative properties. In this blog I want to dig deeper into an important source of alternative properties - Crystals. Crystals are one of mother earth’s most incredible gifts, as apart from their beauty they also emit energy properties. This is one of the reasons behind wanting to integrate crystals into our i am [radiant] moisturiser. 

So WHY Mangano Calcite?

Out of thousands of crystals why did frii[s]mith choose Mangano calcite over all the other crystals? The answer is SUPER simple! 

Mangano Calcite has a lovely energy that vibrates at the same frequency as LOVE. It’s been used effectively for years by reiki and crystal healers to enhance the healing effects of their treatments.  Thanks to quantum physics, we KNOW that everything is made of energy and science now accepts this metaphysical aspect. But even if we are to go beyond this understanding, we know that we as humans are able to pick up on things energetically, from our environment and our everyday exposure to things.  For example, being around someone fun and joyful naturally 'uplifts' and charges our own energy! In the same way, crystals give off a frequency that we are able to absorb. 

Its light pink complexion is beautiful and calming to look at and radiates love and happiness. It’s also known to have incredibly strong HEALING properties, making it perfect for the skin!!

How it works in a cream state?

Mangano calcite is one of the softer crystals and so we managed to get the crystal pulverised into a fine powder right here in Australia! This powder was then included in our skin cream formulation, to help elevate its activity as well as give the added healing benefits. Mangano Calcite is also comprised of Calcium and Magnesium which when dispersed into the cream gives added mineral benefits that help strengthen the skin as well as the underlying bone structures. What comes from the formulation is SPECTACULAR: the i am [radiant] moisturiser has a luminous, pale pink tone which reflects the beautiful pink within the Mangano Calcite.


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