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Article: Understanding the skincare industry to help you make an informed choice.

Understanding the skincare industry to help you make an informed choice.

At FRII[S]MITH, we spend our days diving into the science of skincare, formulating products and researching safe but astonishingly effective ingredients that have the ability to give someone that bare skin confidence that we adore. With advances in modern research and technology, we know more about the skin than ever but at the same time, the rise of the internet and social media have made it easy to spread huge amounts of false information that has led to confusion and fear. We feel it’s our duty to empower all our angels with the knowledge they need to sort fact from fiction and take that fear out of what we put on our skin. 

So how do we begin to sift through all that noise to be able to make an informed choice? We look at science. Scientific evidence is the backbone to all genuine skincare claims and without it, what you might be reading on products is just clever marketing spiel to get your attention so that you make that purchase. Whilst the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia  is responsible for regulating chemicals in personal care, skincare, makeup and cosmetic products, it cannot stop brands from making misleading or exaggerated claims. Here we look at the most common misleading skincare claims:

  • Hypoallergenic products - The term ‘hypoallergenic’ implies that a product is unlikely to cause reactions and, therefore, is better for sensitive skin. This simply isn’t true. There are no regulations, guidelines, rules, accepted testing methods, ingredient restrictions or procedures of any kind for determining if a product qualifies as being hypoallergenic.
  • Clean beauty claims -‘Clean beauty’ is another modern phrase that is used to make skincare products and cosmetics sound more appealing, albeit without any clear definition or regulatory foundations. It is often used to suggest the product is free from toxic or chemical ingredients, but in reality it doesn’t mean a thing. All cosmetic and skincare products are legally required to be safe for consumers, so ‘clean beauty’ doesn’t actually exist.
  • Natural skincareAn increasing number of brands tout their products as being made of natural ingredients which in turn implies that natural is best and anything that isn’t completely natural is harmful. In truth, what is really natural is to use the fats that already exist in our skin and the ones it's used to. Our skin doesn’t produce olive oil or shea butter, but it does produce substances like squalene, ceramides, cholesterol, triglycerides and many other different kinds of fatty acids. Quite simply, our skin is happiest with the substances that it’s used to, and these can be either extracted from natural sources or they can be synthesised. Our i am [radiant] active booster has exactly that. We combined a high dose of essential fatty acids to help lipid depleted skin with pure Rosehip, Jojoba and Evening Primrose oil to create a powerful little tonic that is perfect for repairing, strengthening and enhancing the nourishing, supportive properties of the skin barrier. 
  • ‘Anti-ageing’ or ‘Specifically made for mature skin’ - Ageing is not a skin habit, like oily or dry. The concerns of those with ‘mature skin’ are usually wrinkles, fine or deep lines, discoloration and sagging, but their skin habit remains oily, dry or combination. That’s why it’s more effective to find a skincare regime that works with the skin’s natural abilities no matter what your age. FRII[S]MITH built their foundations on the importance and understanding of an uncomplicated, authentic and easy peasy skincare routine. Keep your routine as simple as 1, 2, 3 with our Ultimate Skin Health Kit 

How can we make an informed choice?

Now, we don’t want you all running to your bathroom cabinets and throwing out everything in sight if there is an ingredient listed that you don’t like the look of! But what we do want to do is empower you to understand what to look out for to avoid so that you can make an informed choice to choose products that are safe and free from harsh chemicals.  

At FRII[S]MITH, we look to avoid the following for when we formulate new products; fragrances, mineral oils, sodium lauryl (and laureth) sulphate, parabens, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and all synthetic colours. There is a vast amount of supporting evidence that suggests these ingredients can have a negative impact on skin health and for that reason, we like to leave them out. We focus on skin friendly ingredients that are obtained from nature and plants through the most natural extraction process possible so that we retain as much of their incredible properties as we can. The fact is, all natural and organic skincare ingredients are obtained from our earth which is another reason to simplify our skincare regime and lessen the demand and pressure we are putting on mother nature.

We also want you to bear in mind that by using personal care products produced by quality manufacturers in the way they are intended, you won’t be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. Reputable companies have to comply with local (and in many cases, international) regulatory authorities as part of an overall safety consideration. So whilst it’s good to be armed with the knowledge, Australian skin care regulations exist to ensure that you won’t be harming your skin from what you can purchase online or in the shops. At the end of the day your skin is the biggest indicator- if it loves something it will always respond well to it. Never ignore sensitivities and irritations as it's your skin's way of communicating with us. What’s important is to find products that are scientifically formulated to work with your skin to holistically nourish and build its natural resilience. 


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