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I AM [HYDRATED] vitamin B3 + B5 booster

Sale price$45.00

Introducing our Vitamin B Booster – a potent fusion with 5% Vitamin B5 and 5% Vitamin B3 in a lightweight, water-based gel, redefining professional skincare with uncompromised potency and efficacy.

Versatile for day or night use and uniquely designed for twice-weekly application, this booster goes beyond the face, nurturing the entire body and scalp.

At its core is Fucogel, a natural biologically active gelling agent renowned for soothing and fortifying skin barriers. This strategic addition not only reduces irritation and inflammation but also helps the skin find balance during acne breakouts and severe dehydration, elevating the impact and comfort of your skincare routine.

Experience the supremacy of our Vitamin B Serum – where power, safety, and unmatched efficacy converge, providing transformative skincare in a league of its own

  • Actives are safe for use during pregnancy
  • Can be used all over the body including the scalp
  • Suitable for day or night use (TWICE a week use)
  • Scent and Colour Free
  • Australian made and owned
  • Not tested on animals
  • Recyclable packaging through our TerraCycle program
I AM [HYDRATED] vitamin B3 + B5 booster
I AM [HYDRATED] vitamin B3 + B5 booster Sale price$45.00

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