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Welcome to our ‘i am radiant’ community!

The ‘i am radiant’ community has been created to promote, support and encourage self-love. 
Every month, we will be providing you with practical tips and advice from one of our 'i am radiant' community members on everything and anything aligned with self-love. 
The essence of friismith has always been (and will always be) about empowering women to feel good about the skin they are in. 
But we also feel a responsibility to all the angels that support us, to help support them to live a life of wellness, joy, love and gratitude. 

Nominate someone you think is radiant!


Do you know an incredible woman who should be featured in our ‘i am radiant’ community?

We know that there are even more amazing angels out there who should be shared with our tribe.  So if you know someone that is authentic, genuine and strives for living a life of love and wellness then we want to hear about them! 
It could be your friend who always remains calm no matter what is thrown at her, or a positive colleague who never fails to inspire and show gratitude . We want you to share them with us so we can celebrate them and feature them within our ‘i am radiant’ community! 
If your nomination is chosen, you would both win some incredible friismith products*!

Nominate here

*Terms and conditions apply


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