Sheri has been my skincare therapist for over 20 years and when I found out that her and another very close friend of mine, Candice, had collaborated to design a simplified skincare range that infused the latest research in skin care as well as crystal energy, I was so excited to see the results.
The products arrived and I couldn’t wait to start using all 3!! My initial reaction was the lovely scent of the product as well as how the skin would glow after I applied them. Its now ben a few months of consistently using all 3 and my skin has never felt so nourished and healthy, I also find that I use LESS product because of how effective it is. My skincare is simpler now and I have had strangers comment on how my skin glows with radiance.I have also noticed a difference where in the pasty skin would be stressed and breakout but my skin seems more resilient with an ability heal on its own because it is stronger and less stressed. I also find that I need to wear less foundation because I want to show off its beautiful glow’.