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Guiding you to bare skin confidence and empowered radiance

We're on a mission to reveal your skin's natural strength and beauty.

Our Philosophy

Caring for your skin is an act of self-love

At FRII[S]MITH, we believe that caring for your skin transcends beyond surface-level beauty—it’s an act of self-love and a commitment to your well-being.

We transcend traditional “fix-it” skincare by focusing on daily skin nutrition - delivering essentials for optimal skin function. Our Energy Line infuses your skin with the nutrients its needs to function optimally, while our Support Line offers targeted solutions to restore balance and harmony.

By prioritising skin health, we encourage your skin to become stronger and more resilient over time, embodying true wellness from within.

Our mission is to provide products that support your skin’s natural healing abilities, nurturing it to thrive on its own.

Skin nurturance

Ingredients that are supportive rather than responsive.

Proactive rather than reactive.

Empowering rather than invasive.

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Community at heart

Born from a collective vision

FRII[S]MITH was created from the heart of a community that desired a skincare range reflecting their values of integrity and compassion.

From our inception, we’ve been driven by the voices and needs of our dedicated community. Our growth remains community-driven, ensuring each formula we craft resonates with the genuine experiences and aspirations of those we serve.

meet our community

Guiding your skincare journey

Meet Sheri Friis

“There’s something incredible about watching someone fall in love with their skin. Their fears melt away and they begin to own their self-confidence. That’s why I do it.”

Sheri, the soul of Frii[s]mith, is your guide to unveiling bare skin confidence. With over two decades of expertise in skin therapy and a deep-seated passion for holistic wellness, she embodies the transformative journey of skincare.

Her magic touch is backed by science and a genuine desire to uplift every individual’s spirit through their skin.

Sheri’s vision is for each person to embrace their natural beauty, nurturing an inner radiance that extends well beyond the mirror.

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