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Article: So, what is the perfect skincare routine?

So, what is the perfect skincare routine?

So, what is the perfect skincare routine?

A seemingly simple question. So why is there not a simple answer? Here we take a look at what we can do to help support our skin, what constitutes an effective skincare routine and why there is actually no perfect skincare routine.

Throughout our lives our skin is exposed to a number of internal and external stressors, but a healthy skin routine will support the skin’s natural abilities to deal with these stressors, rather than overburden it, or force it into another state. Supporting the skin can be done by focusing on three key magical things - the skin’s immunity and ability to fight external stressors, making sure it has the correct micronutrients, and protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

Let's take a deep dive into those three factors to understand exactly how we can support the skin:

  1. Increasing the skin's immunity will stabilise its pH level and support the Langerhans cells whose primary function is to determine the appropriate immune response. We can do this by using products that range from 4.5-5.5 PH and have essential oils like lavender and frankincense. Products that include Bulgarian Rose water can also help to increase the function of the Langerhans cell like our i am [power] active cleanser, an incredibly lightweight, gentle and pH balancing formula to boost your skin’s immunity, remove makeup and impurities and hydrate skin
  2. Making sure the skin has the necessary micronutrients to fuel the skin cell in its daily functioning. Micronutrients like coQ10, Vit A, C, D, E and B3 are all powerhouses for our skin. Ingredients like resveratrol and white / green tea extracts also enforce a strong antioxidant effect on the cells. Our youth restoring  i am [vitality] active day serum has these in spades!  
  3. Protecting the moisture barrier and helping to keep the cell membrane intact. This cell membrane locks in the nutrients and moisture within the skin, sustaining its supplies and durability. The best ingredients for this should contain high levels of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and essential fatty acids. Niacinamide (Vit B3) is also an essential ingredient as it is the most effective skin nutrient for reinforcing the skin's natural moisturising barrier.  Our best selling i am [radiant] active moisturiser  is perfect for protecting the moisture barrier as it works by feeding directly into the skin cells, nourishing it, repairing it and moisturising the skin for up to 72 hours without overwhelming it. Our i am [radiant] oil booster is also packed full of essential fatty acids to give your skin a little more oomph whenever it needs it!

What constitutes an effective skincare routine?

Washing, cleansing and moisturising the skin will help to keep skin clean, stop it from causing congestion and keep it beautifully hydrated. At FRII[S]MITH, we believe less is more. So we always recommend cleansing at night rather than the morning as this removes your skin’s natural oils and waxes it worked so hard to produce overnight.

    • Step 1 - Rinse (morning) - Rinse the face with cold water in the morning without any use of cleansers (unless after exercise). The warm to cold response helps to pump the lymphatics, wash the toxins away, reduce inflammation and toxin accumulation whilst  also speeding up the healing of breakouts
    • Step 2 - Cleanse (night only) - This removes the build up of dirt, make up and sweat before going to bed. Cool to warm water is best to help regulate the skin’s microbiome. If the water is too hot (in the shower for example) it can aggravate small networks of capillaries and break down the skin barrier. A good cleanser will support and mimic the skin’s natural process of renewing itself, rather than disrupt it. It should moisturise without clogging, exfoliate without feeling scratchy and clean without stripping the skin’s natural pH. Using a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of essential moisture is absolutely fundamental to keep skin clean and clear
    • Step 3 - Serum before moisturiser - Serums are more active and lighter so they can penetrate more deeply and should always be applied before moisturiser
    • Step 4 - Apply SPF  - Daily if out in the sun. Mineral based rather than chemical based is preferable and should always go on AFTER your moisturiser

What else can we do to support our skin?

  • A monthly facial with a skincare therapist - Remedial is best! A monthly facial will  help to improve the skin’s abilities, just like exercise for the skin. Massage is still an essential part of skin health as it reduces tension, increases oxygen and  stimulates and supports healthy nerve activity 
  • CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) - otherwise known as skin needling is a brilliant way to naturally and supportively increase collagen production in the skin. You may need a course followed by 3-4 treatments a year for maintenance 
  • LED therapy - helps elicit ATP / energy production within the skin cells (red light best)
  • Ultrasound for skin - helps support collagen production, reduces inflammation and supports a deeper penetration of actives. Very gentle and effective skin therapy approach.
  • So there’s really no perfect skincare routine?

    In short, no! There is no perfect skin care routine because our skin is all different and has different needs depending on the season, the stressors it comes up against, our diet and hydration levels and so much more! Whilst there is an optimal way to apply products, there are definitely key skincare ingredients that will help all skins, which is actually how FRII[S]MITH was born! An idea that we no longer needed to ‘find’ what the skin needed, we just have to stop over burdening it and support the skin’s natural and magical abilities! 

    Our whole philosophy aligns with having an uncomplicated, easy peasy, authentic and effective skincare routine. It is about working with your skin and supporting it to deal with whatever comes its way. Our Skin Health Set is the perfect example of everything you need in 3 easy, simple steps. It combines our gentle cleanser, our antioxidant-rich day serum and our deeply hydrating moisturiser and is always the first port of call for new customers. 

    No matter what type of skin you have, all FRII[S]MITH skincare products work to support the skin by increasing the skin's immunity, delivering micronutrients to fuel the skin cells and protecting the skin’s natural barrier so you can have radiantly beautiful skin no matter what life throws at you!

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