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Good questions to ask…

1. How often should I peel?

Peeling with professional strength AHA  ideally once a month but can be done at 2 week intervals especially if the skin is presenting with an oilier, congested condition.


2. Can I wax my face or eyebrows

Avoid waxing 48 hours BEFORE AHA peel and 72 Hours POST peel. AHA are designed too soften the sticky bonds between skin cells so that you are able to remove a few built up layers of dead skin. This can initially create a softening that would be traumatised through heat or abrasion and result in increased sensitivity.

The skin is also increasing cell production and these treatments can interfere with the healing cycle thus disrupting healthy cellular formation.


3. Is peeling at home safe?

It can be if done safely with good quality products

One should NEVER over peel or over burden the skin. Therefore sticking to the guidelines (length of time the peel should be left on the skin and frequency of peeling), as well as keeping to peeling with professional strength AHA can have great at home results.

  • Professional strength AHA like glycolic acid are perfectly safe on the skin at a strength of 10-35%. They do  not penetrate the blood stream and can be easily deactivated by washing the skin with water.


4. Will I experience sensitivity post peel?

This is not uncommon as the peeling treatment can stimulate a healing response in the skin.

It is ALWAYS important to repair the skins barrier post peel (this is the most NB part of any facial) - using a supportive mask or serum that drives actives into the skin that assist in healing as well as mend and strengthen the barrier.

  • Wearing a good 30-50 SFP post peel is essential also to avoid sun damage. The skin can be a bit photosensitive post peel making it even more susceptible to sun damage and burning.


5. What should I do post peel treatment

Again, this is the MOST essential part of the peel treatment as it will determine the degree of efficacy as well as support the skin rejuvenation process. The skin renewal process speeds up and so it is essential that there are nutrients available to them as they are developing.

  • Use products that are high in EFAs, Vitamin B3 and B5 as these are brilliant to help build and strengthen the barrier
  • Ensure that you use a good serum that is high in anti-oxidants as these help protect the skin from free radicals and will again help build up the skins resilience.
  • Wear an SPF to help shield the skin from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Drink water, eat well and reduce alcohol. Supplements like VitaminC, Zinc and omegas are also FANTASTIC to have as they also support the skin from the inside
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours as sweat and heat can aggravate a post peel skin.

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