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Sheri and Candice are a powerhouse team on a mission to revolutionise skin care and how people think about looking after their skin. Lifelong mutual friends, and a bond of shared experience brought our families together after emigrating to Australia. Their bond was powerful and instant, becoming one big family after having moved away from the security of their own networks in South Africa.

Driven by a combined passion for skin and wellbeing, they became excited about what they could achieve in healing people’s skin holistically, without overburdening it. With 20+ years of skin care therapy experience paired with 10 years practice in dietetics followed by a further decade of working for a leading global behavioural change and wellness business, they are ready to transform your skin holistically from the inside out.

With this shared passion and history, complimentary skill sets and the bonus of a great friendship- Sheri and Candice created these fabulous products to empower women to love the skin they have been given. A simplified skincare system made from the highest cosmeceutical grade ingredients, combined with earth bound nutrients and energies from the Australian earth.

Science, nature and positive energy = GOOD SKIN VIBES. FRII[S]MITH have made skincare  simple and astonishingly effective with a daily 3 step energy routine, and effective supportive products to help the skin through different stages and various changes that may occur within the skin. The purpose is to provide a non-burdening skincare routine that ultimately enhances skin health. 

Love your skin, love yourself.

With love,

Sheri & Candice 

Meet Sheri!

With a verve like no-other, Sheri is warmth personified. She has an unmatched zest for life, and her infectious enthusiasm flows through every element of her work. 

Sheri's career in skin wellness has spanned 20 years, and she quite literally lives and breathes wellbeing. Originally hailing from South Africa, her awesome accent is the mere tip of the iceberg; underneath lies a deep and caring healer (her loyal devotees have affectionally named her 'Magic Hands'). 

This passion is imbued through her Friismith skincare products and her Dermal Therapies. From your nose to your toes, she knows what goes-she actually makes skincare simple and fun!

Sheri is a baker, cat lover, mother, athlete, party-animal, wannabe scientist and the best dam Dermal Therapist around. If you need a dose of good energy and some extradorinaiy skincare products...Sheri Friis of Friismith is second to none.

Meet Candice!

An international woman of mystery, Mrs Smith hails from the beautiful shores of South Africa, but has made her home in Melbourne, Australia. Mrs Smith has the unique ability to see the very best in people. This quality has enabled her to align herself with supermegastar people, both famous and awesome alike. She enjoys long walks along Rodeo Drive, drinking Champagne with Maharajahs, fly fishing with billionaires, and also manages to squeeze in time for her children whom she adores with the ferocity of a Lioness. Mrs Smith sees our inner light and helps us to shine it brighter than ever before. She makes us radiate...and thus, dear friends...#weareradiant

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