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Article: Ceara Taylor

Ceara Taylor

Who is Ceara? 
I am a 17 year old cake artist and high school student! I love science (particularly biology), nature, baking, travelling and meeting new people.
What is the number one lesson you've learned that you would share with your 12 year old self if you could?
To always soak up the present because life moves super fast! While working towards a goal in the future is important, take a moment every now and then to see how far you've come.
What does wellbeing mean to you personally and how do you practice self-care/self-love?
Wellbeing is complex and hard to describe, though I would say it is a state of acceptance and satisfaction, where all components of yourself are in harmony, both your body and mind. I practice self care by nurturing my growing rainforest in my room! I have many plants, and their 'state' is often a reflection of my own wellbeing. So by tending to my plants, it is as though I am tending to myself as well, so to speak. My downtime is in the evenings where it is quiet and I go through my skin care routine, which is also how I practice self-care.
How do you ensure you prioritise the time to focus on your wellness journey?
I will admit, sometimes my academic pursuits do take over from my wellness journey, but I can recognise when this occurs and reflect on my priorities during that time. Sometimes I read a book, or journal 
Who inspires you the most and why?
My teachers and my parents, because they are knowledge sharers. I am inspired by their dedication and genuine investment in my life and my pursuits, which inspires me to live my life with the same passion and dedication as them. 
What does radiance mean to you?
When I think of radiance, I envision a natural glow radiating from a source. Something that is proud.
What is your favourite FRII[S]MITH product and why do you love it?
I love the I AM [POWER] ACTIVE CLEANSER, because it is so light and feels so fresh on my skin

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