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Article: Wholeness - skin, body, mind

Wholeness - skin, body, mind

We tend to think that radiant skin can only be obtained by using the best and most active products. But no matter how much good product we can apply to our skins, if we are not feeling good and taking care of ourselves on the inside, we are fighting a losing battle. 

The first step is to elevate your own self love and awareness. We can do this through honouring who we really are and appreciating our own strengths and abilities. This simple step can raise our energy and strengthen our minds and our bodies. When we fall involve with who we are, we radiate joy and from that comes the reward of ‘slowing down’ our ageing process.

At the end of the day we need to be honest with ourselves, we are all going to age and trying to STOP or protest a natural process that occurs in life can be rather negative.   It creates a sense of wanting to control (that which we can not) and an urgency or panic - which creates fear and stress (which promotes cellular ageing unnecessarily!). 

I would encourage ever single person to enjoy the process of life and to rather focus positively on restoring skin health and our general well being so that we age gracefully and beautifully - one less thing to worry about. So don’t burden yourself with ANTI-AGEING, focus on self love and healthy skin cell promotion. 

How do you do this?

Do what raises your energy vibration - focus on joyful uplifting things:

  • HAVE FUN! Surf, run outdoors, play with your children, spend time with people who uplift you. There are endless choices, but just do what makes YOU happy!
  • Socialize and connect with people who uplift you and don’t deflate you
  • Meditate. Using apps is a great way to get into this. There are some really great guided mediations that help you with meditation. Remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate, sometimes the intention is also good enough.
  • Put your focus on including things that promote health, rather than focussing on eliminating things that are not. We tend to put way too  much pressure on ourselves!
  • Exercise - and please, do what you enjoy!
  • Keep life meaningful and simple - again do what you love to do and keep it simple. 
  • Fill your space with candles, crystals and/or incense. Super simple tools that promote positive vibes in your space. 

Finally, when it comes to skincare…..

  1. Pay attention to your skin. Does it needs more or less product? You don’t need to change your product ever season, sometimes the skin just need a little more or less support.
  2. Avoid overburdening it. Less is definitely more.
  3. Keep it simple and give the skin nutrients that support its own abilities rather than do things for it.
  4. Once a month skin care treatments are wonderful as this helps boost the skins resistance by eliminating toxin build up and stimulating or encouraging healthy skin cell formation and behaviour. 
  5. Focus on ENERGY- every cell needs an essential energy supply to function well. ‘Charge’ skin cells with red light LED and gentle ultrasonic currents as these help elicit ATP/energy production within the cells. 

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