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Article: Niamh Hislop

Niamh Hislop

Who is Niamh?

Can you believe I’m nearly 50 and I’m still trying to figure out the ‘correct’ way to answer that question? Where to start? Nationality? I’m originally from Ireland but fell in love with Australia in my backpacking days and ultimately settled in Mt Eliza in 2005.

Career? I trained as a nurse and specialised in cosmetic surgery nursing. After many years I crossed to the dark side (advertising) but eventually followed my passion and founded Peninsula Endermologie in 2016 and pursued my other passion, writing, more fully in the last few years.

Family? I’m lucky enough to still be madly in love with my hubby, Alasdair, 24 years after we first made eye contact across a crowded bar in London, and I’m now a very proud mama of 2 still-really-quite-lovely teenagers.

I’m a fiery Leo, a passionate Ayurvedic Pitta and in keeping with the fiery theme, sometimes I’m a hot mess. 

What are your passions in life?

My passions are ever evolving. Forty years ago, I wanted to become an artist. Thirty years ago, I was determined to visit every country in the world and guide my patients through life-altering surgeries. Twenty years ago, I embarked on a new career that was personally challenging and saw me create a whole new life in the corporate world. Ten years ago, I prioritised raising my children with an emphasis on life-enriching nutrition, exercise and volunteering at local kindergartens and schools. Right now, I’m embracing the concept of finding ‘flow’ in my life. When life feels overwhelming, I remind myself to “go with the flow”. I encourage my clients to boost the flow in their lives using lymphatic boosting techniques.

I also actively search for the joy in the everyday. That means walks with my friends and doggy. Savouring delicious food. Exploring our gorgeous neighbourhood on my ebike (best fun ever). And counting my blessings for my one glorious life.

What is the lesson in life you live by?

I have a few mottos that really resonate, but the one that’s hung around the longest is “To thine own self be true”. My interpretation of this is simply that it’s important to be authentic and live according to my values (which are kindness, tenacity, courage and honesty).  I’m acutely aware that we have only have a short time on this earth and it’s an individual responsibility to live it to the fullest, whilst supporting our community and our world to thrive.

I also try to constantly remind myself of the wise words of Don Miguel Ruiz:

  •       Be impeccable with your word
  •       Don't take anything personally
  •       Don't make assumptions
  •       Always do your best
  •       Be sceptical but learn to listen

- Why do you think self-care is so important?

I concur with the old adage, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. In this increasingly hectic and sometimes alarming world we’re living in, it’s important to recognise that we need to be strong so that in turn, we can look after our loved ones. I feel it’s my responsibility to look after my physical, mental and emotional health so that I can teach my kids what healthy and happy looks like. 

How do you practice self-care  / self-love?

I’m really lucky that I work with some awesome people, love my family life and have some wonderful friends, so I’m pretty content with my daily life. If I’m feeling a bit ‘spent’, a walk listening to podcasts makes me feel immediately better. Or a quick zoom on my bike down to the village for a long black feels like a mini break.

I don’t often have free time, but when I do (any day now, I’m quite sure) I’m aiming to allow more time for reading and studying (current interests are kinesiology and Ayurvedic medicine).

How do you ensure you take the time to focus on your overall well being?

It’s tricky isn’t it? A decade ago, I used to get up at 4.30am to do CrossFit before heading home to get the kids ready for school. Nowadays, I spend 40 hours a week on my feet working with my Endermologie clients, and my free time walking/bike riding – so it feels like I’m incorporating my workouts into my daily life. I’m certainly not as fit and lean as I was, but right now, that’s not a priority for me.

After the last couple of years with fires, pandemics, storms etc. taking their toll, my wellness focus has been on my emotional health. I’ve found writing to express my thoughts hugely therapeutic and tools like meditation and kinesiology are amazing! I reckon if it feels good, it’s much easier to make time for it.

Who inspires you the most and why?

So many people! As a proud feminist, I tend to focus on the achievements of women in particular.  I love how Jacinda Ardern leads her people with authenticity and compassion.   I’m not much into sport, but who wouldn’t admire the phenomenal Serena Williams, not just for her sporting achievements, but her altruism and glorious confidence? Sarah Wilson and Greta Thunberg speak so passionately for climate change. And I adore Grace Tame’s strength and commitment to advocating for survivors of assault.

But it’s the women I meet in my day-to-day life that inspire me the most. Women who work hard to make a difference in their world. Whether that’s excelling in their work, negotiating tricky relationships, raising their children to be independent thinkers and/or caring for the people in their lives, I count myself lucky to be surrounded by fabulous women every day. 

 What is your favourite Friismith product and why?

I adore the i am [power] active cleanser. I’ve never had the time or inclination to do the cleansing/swabbing-toning/dabbing thing, so I’ve spent many decades seeking a face cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dehydrated. I just wish I’d found it years ago. 

What does radiance mean to you?

I’d describe radiance as that happy glow from within that makes someone look immediately attractive. Saying that, whilst the i am [radiant] active moisturiser with the magic-like calcite crystal goes a long way to creating an outwardly radiant glow, I believe that achieving true radiance is an inside job. I see it mostly in people who choose to radiate joy, love and compassion. 

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