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Article: Natalie McGrath

Natalie McGrath

Who is Nat McGrath?

First and foremost, I am a Mum of 2 wonderful humans, a wife, daughter, friend, a Personal Trainer and small business owner of MOVEBYNM.

For me, movement is a way of life. I need to move often, and move well; not just for the physical benefits, but more importantly, for the positive effect on my mental health and overall wellbeing. I’ve been fortunate to transform my lifestyle into my career, and one that I am so genuinely passionate about. The opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact on another person’s life is something that I am so very grateful for; and the best part, I have carved out a business model that means I get to do what I love and also be a present Mum. The balance can sometimes be a little skewed, but I work really hard to live by my values so everyone gets the best of me.

What are your passions in life? 

When I am not in Mum mode, training clients or myself you’ll likely find me with a book/podcast, learning new skills or working with my coach/mentor. I love that my life affords me opportunities for continued learning, and personal growth. I also love to cook and eat! And yes I do love a glass of wine, I believe life is for living, nothing is good or bad, there's just moderation and conscious consumption. 

What is the lesson in life you live by?

Nothing will work unless I do. It’s very easy to get swept up, to get busy; but ultimately if I’m not honouring myself, my journey and living by my values, I can not serve those around me. On the surface this is definitely easier said than done, so everyday is about being present and building habits that support the life I choose to live.

How do you practice self-care  / self-love?

The greatest gift I can give myself is time and that comes in the form of having boundaries and the ability to say no. Saying no is a work in progress, by nature I am a giver, however I have learnt over the years and from a place of burnout that saying no is ok and is 110% necessary. My career is very output centric, all my energy is poured wholeheartedly into my clients, personal and professional development all on top of being a busy hands-on Mum. Through my journey in life, I have learnt to reflect, accept, and let go, our time here is short, so every day I choose to live by my values, honour my boundaries and hold myself accountable to MY non-negotiables – ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.

Why do you think self-care is so important?

Our modern lives see us being wonder women and (men) having a successful career, the perfect family, the picket fence, but-yet we are all so disconnected, tired and overscheduled. I am a strong believer that you can’t pour from an empty cup, we’ve all experienced being pulled in a multitude of directions not really showing up and being present. Having a value system allows us to make conscious choices so that we’re living in alignment. Spending a lot of time getting to really know and understand yourself, your strengths and desires will ensure your cup is always full and you have an abundance to give whilst living in alignment and honouring yourself.

How do you ensure that you prioritise the time to focus on your wellness journey?

Non-negotiables! Like many, my days are long, of late they’ve been challenging on many levels, most days don’t go to plan so I need to be adaptable but remain stubborn about what I need to achieve. My list of my daily non- negotiables include;

  1. A guided meditation at 4.30am to start my day
  2. Training where I can fit my session in around my clients
  3. Reading even if it’s just a few pages or an audiobook
  4. Nutrition - meal prep makes this so much easier with long busy days
  5. Journaling, whether it be first thing in the morning or the last thing at night
  6. …and lastly SLEEP, lots of it.

If I let any of these things slip, I lose clarity and things can get a little foggy. To

some my list of non-negotiables maybe overwhelming, but I choose to make

myself a priority and carve out ‘me time’ without guilt.

Who inspires you the most and why?

I am inspired by many and touched by many more. I believe we are all inspirational in our own way, we all have a story, a journey. We’ve all overcome adversity of differing degrees and continue on our paths stronger for the experience, by sharing our authentic selves we inspire others to live their truth.  I’ve never been one to be fixated on a person of inspiration or a thing but rather live for moments. This morning my 7-year-old so eloquently helped me unpack the feeling of being ‘stuck’. Her level of comprehension,

empathy and compassion were truly unsurpassed, for me that is inspiration, pure, raw, and beautiful. 

What is your favourite frii[s]mith product and why?

Great question, but a tough question! If I had to choose one, it would be the i am [radiant] active moisturiser. I don’t wear much makeup during the week as I'm mostly in the gym, so the beautiful hue of the moisturiser gives my skin a lovely dewey glow. I feel confident to face the world naked so to speak, provided I've moisturised! Side note, if you asked my children the same question they’d likely say the amazing crystals that accompany the frii[s]mith products that I order, it’s very special.

What does radiance mean to you?

For me, true radiance comes from within. Our thoughts, how we fuel our bodies, how we move and how we value our interpersonal relationships, it's all intertwined. To be truly radiant is loving yourself first, looking inward and embracing our messy, imperfect beautiful souls and to be brave enough to share our authentic selves with others, warts and all. It’s being courageous; which ultimately leads to confidence, and confidence is beautiful - a lot of hard work and forever a work in progress, but beautiful.

Movebynm is a boutique training studio in Mount Eliza, based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Offering clients a personally tailored service, all sessions are scalable to meet individual needs. With one-on-one client movement and fitness screening, as well as regular testing, they hold their clients accountable and work together to achieve individual goals. 

If you know someone who inspires you to live a life of wellness, let us know! You could both WIN amazing friismith products! Find out more here

Please feel free to tell your friends about us so that together, we can empower women to love the skin they have been given and allow their radiance and beauty to shine through, using simple and astonishingly effective skin care solutions. 

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