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Article: Sheena Worthy

Sheena Worthy

Who is Sheena? 

A surprisingly difficult question to answer, because I don't think I have this worked out really! I'm a mum of two beautiful boys, a wife, a qualified secondary teacher and yoga teacher, a passionate mental health warrior, a teen mentor, a neurodivergent woman, keen yogi, learner and a friend you go to for deep convos and pragmatic advice. I'm also someone who hates labelling themselves, because I am constantly evolving and learning new things about myself. 

After an amazing 15 year career as a secondary school teacher, I started my own business, We Are Worthy Wellness and now spend my time facilitating specialised workshops designed to help teens feel better, self regulate and cope with the pressures of modern day life. I have lived experience of mental health issues and found my own teen years very turbulent, therefore my aim is to pass on my knowledge of health, wellbeing and holistic tools that assist in young people’s connection to themselves and allow them to contribute authentically to the world around them. 

What are your passions in life? 

I am highly creative and passionate about making the internal world of young people more harmonious. I want every young person to be exposed to, and feel the benefits of, tools such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga and movement, self exploration, real world discussion, deep connection with others and authentic expression of self. I am passionate about creating safe and nurturing space and opportunity for all this to happen. 

I practise and utilise all the tools I teach because they are my true passion. I love going to yoga and journeying into my own self discovery, even when it’s scary. I am a passionate writer, reader and learner. I disseminate information constantly and am drawn to pass on my knowledge to others. 

What is the lesson in life you live by?

Know thyself. And focus on love, kindness and compassion in all you do.

How do you practise self-care / self-love?

I am always encouraging teens to practise self-care and to love themselves. This was something that I always struggled with, noticeably in my teen years. Therefore, I think it’s important to practise what I preach. Over the years, I’ve dipped my toes in all the things that millennial tiktokers think they invented to enhance my own wellbeing, so I have a range of tools that I now pass on to teens about how they can practise self care. Some of the tools that work particularly well for me and that I practise frequently are:

  • Daily meditation (often done in the car while waiting to pick my son up from school)
  • Mindful movement, practice yoga, go to the gym and swimming
  • Using positive affirmations and visuals
  • Spending time doing the things I love with the people I love, like going to music gigs or dancing nude in the kitchen with my 3 year old
  • Spending time and energy understanding myself alongside my range of supportive therapists. Shout out to my yoga teachers, psychologist, kinesiologist and remedial massage therapist!
  • Setting positive and productive boundaries and expectations for myself (still working on this one) 

Why do you think self-care is so important?

Over time, I’ve come to realise that self care is an accumulation of the little things we do in a day. It can be as simple as taking my vitamins each day, as long as the intention is that I am doing this to love and care for myself. There is a lot of hype about self care being a big event, like going to the spa or having a five hour beauty regime. But for me, self care is important because each act of self care is a way to honour myself and to build trust in myself that I can do the small things to support me. And honestly, when I don't actively take care of myself, my mental health suffers and then I’m just no fun at all. 

How do you ensure you prioritise the time to focus on your wellness journey?

Two years ago I felt burnt out and had no time to prioritise myself or my family- something had to change. So I stopped working as a full-time teacher and started We Are Worthy Wellness, as well as focusing on my own health and wellbeing. Since then it’s been a wild ride. I’ve learned so much about myself through the new daily habits I’ve developed and changed my lifestyle to align more with my authentic self. Facilitating my unique wellbeing workshops for young people is a total culmination of my life experiences, skills and my own wellness journey. I hope that my journey can benefit others, because I know my purpose is to help and pass on the skills and tools that have changed my life. 

But, no word of a lie, focussing on my wellness journey is the hardest job I have ever had. Wellness ambassadors are often depicted sitting in a forest serenely meditating, but honestly I feel more like a chunk of play-doh that’s been shoved in a blender (it never quite completely falls apart). It’s super hard and also super rewarding to do the inner work. And you know what? Playdoh can always be moulded back together.

Who inspires you the most and why?

My biggest source of inspiration is from strong and on-purpose females, whether they are in my life or in the media. I draw from the feminine courage of women like Grace Tame, Shirly Smith and Jacinda Ardern, who are unapologetically standing up for injustices and bravely striving to correct them. They remind me of all the amazing people I have in my life, who strive to make a difference, like my amazing teacher friends. 

What is your favourite FRII[S]MITH product and why?

Until I found FRII[S]MITH I had no skincare regime. Even the thought of cleansing felt like another job I had to do and there are so many products out there to choose from. But as soon as I tried the i am [radiant] active moisturiser in combination with the i am [power] active cleanser, I was hooked. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done and one of those small things I could do to care for myself and my skin. But my favourite product is the i am [protected] tinted SPF moisturiser. One step to get out the door, I love it!

What does radiance mean to you?

Radiance is the inner light we all carry. If you strip away all that society demands of us there is an indistinguishable light that is our essence. Radiance is what I see when I look at the young people I work with, their uniqueness and divinity, their perfect imperfection and all that they can shine into the world.

IG - we.are.worthy.wellness

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